The Sunday Geekery: An internet quiz made me a little indignant

The Sunday Geekery: An internet quiz made me a little indignant

You know those really obnoxious click baiting “quizzes” that show up on every social feed ever? With titles like, “Which princess are you?”, “What Kind of Farter Are you?” (no, really), “Are you More Garfield Or Nermal?”, I’ve managed to completely avoid this craze. Until this quiz: “Can We Guess Your Age By Your Taste in Video Games?” I would say yes! Of course you can! A first year stats student could probably guess my age from nothing more than the list of game apps on my phone. So I clicked the link and took the quiz and the answer is NO! THEY CAN’T BECAUSE THEIR ANSWERS ARE ALL WRONG!

So Buzzfeed quiz author, if you want to guess my age correctly, you may consider a few updates to your quiz.

Choices for the question: Which Console is your favorite?


What?? I can make no sense of this. Where’s the Sega? The Atari? You include 5 Nintendo consoles, one of which is a handheld and NOT a gameboy color, another the GameCube that no one loved, and you leave out the SNES?? I can hardly stand it. The console that brought us some of the most amazing titles and groundbreaking play is not even on the list. I’ll tell Donkey Kong Country, Sim City, Earthbound, Lemmings, Harvest Moon, A link To the Past, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario Kart and Tetris/Dr. Mario that they can’t even be considered for the list.

Choices for Which Accessory do you always have?


Eh? All of them.  + Power Pad, ROB the robot, Power Glove, NES Advantage, Stickers for marking controllers, extra power cables, kinect, chargers, snap on gameboy lights, video game chair, CD sleeves, Skylanders dock, Infinity Dock, and PC game converter. Duh.

Choices for Who would be your drinking buddy?

DrinkingBuddyhmmm. You might have me here, Q*bert and I would get along swimmingly!

Choices for Best Fighting Game

BestFightingGameStreet Fighter 2. That is all.

Choices for Which Fictional World do you Wish was Your Home?

PlacesToLiveHow about Onett from Earthbound, Leene Square from Crono Trigger,  or HYRULE for crying out loud!


Here are my results:

You got: 31

You grew up in the land of SNES and Game Boy, which was an awesome time to be alive. You had to solve games on your own, without any help from the internet. Plus, you can compose one hell of a song in Mario Paint.


Buzzfeed quiz – You may have my age completely wrong, but your dead on about my Mario Paint Skillz. I can not only compose the crap out of some moo music, I can set it to an obscene animation and then take a coffee break and mouse whack the crap out of some bugs and spiders. Wanna try me?



  1. Loved your post! You made me laugh. I’m not a gamer, and most of those names/pics are foreign to me, but I loved your responses! What I was thinking was, “c’mon, Susan, tell us what you REALLY think!!” lol It’s always a good day when it starts with reading one of your posts.

    xo Linda

  2. Oh the power glove. 🙂

  3. Ooh, well done on the accessories, I’ve always wanted to try the power glove! Also, I must put in a good word for the rumble pak and expansion pak. Hyrule really did need to be in the fictional world list, and perhaps the Kingdom Hearts world as a second choice.

  4. I saw Q*bert and went there he is! Looked at your answer and had a good laugh! My kids had Sega handhelds and they we great better graphics at the time. But it did seems a bit one sided! You are the Queen of gaming!

  5. LMAO!! I don’t see my name there as your choice of drinking buddies (we could of had a root beer float together!LOL). Yah those are so silly and are usually wrong-wait they are wrong and very obnoxious.


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