Harry Potter Bookcase: Block 12

Harry Potter Bookcase: Block 12


Here’s another mash up block! We love all things Lego around here and I just couldn’t resist the idea of putting a big Lego Harry Potter mini-fig on somewhere on my bookshelf. As much as I love it, this block really tried my patience. It was during this block when my embroidery machine went wonky. In the end, I stitched all of the books three times and Lego Harry Potter four times! When I went to trim it, I accidentally grabbed my 9.5″ ruler rather than my 10.5″ ruler. You can see how that ended – lopped the top right off! There was no way I was going to restitch the books and Lego Harry Potter for the umteenth time. I just seamed it right back on! ha! The extra seam stands out to me, but I think I can tuck it away in the quilting. In some ways, it would be kind of sad to replace it with a fixed block. This one really tells the story of my crazy week.

The Books

There isn’t a ton of stuff to say about the books. I did shape “Where there’s a WAND” like a wand and played around with the shape of RISE and FALL. The skull on the bottom of the book is a button I spotted at Joann. I think there probably is more to say, but I’m tired of looking at them, tired of thinking about them, tired of stitching them and otherwise tired of dealing with them. I’d kind of like to just forget them! If I feel more inspired by them I may come back around and some some more thoughts and details.

Lego Harry Potter

The first time I stitched Lego Harry Potter, I wasn’t too thrilled with his size and the order of stitching. I a few changes to the embroidery file and bumped his size. You’ll find both files in the download this week. Note: The eye details, lips, and shirt wrinkles are painted on with a textile paint.


The embroidery Files

This zip file contains all of the embroidery files used for this block including both Lego Harry Potter sizes in .jef, .vp3, and .pes formats. Feel free to download and use them in your own POD quilt!

Want More?

Check out the Harry Potter Project of Doom index. It is full of links to the original project and patterns as well as links to any related posts with embroidery patterns or applique templates. You can also see more about my machine and software in this post.



  1. Love it !!! But then you already know I am a Harry P fan .. My grands tease me about it all the time !! You did a terrific job with the Lego Harry P. IT all looks great, and so what if you did sew it again there.. makes it all that much more unique !!

    Hope you and the family had a great Easter weekend !

  2. How fun it must be to live with you! I love your quilt! Wouldn’t mind a little lego Harry myself well no embroidery machine here so I’ll just have to watch!

  3. Lego Harry is by far my favorite thing about this project. We are huge Lego fans here too and it’s just so perfect. We actually just watched all of the movies again and with each scene, we kept giggling on how we remembered what they did with the Lego games.

  4. OMG! I’m in love with Lego HP! I must add him to my quilt! Thank you, Susan! I have played through both of the Lego HP games, so this is near and dear. Sheesh, you’d never known I’m a woman in my 50s! LOL.

    • Oh, and I already stitched a Rise and Fall book, but I like yours better. Of course.

  5. Love your additons! THANK YOU for sharing… im loving the POD…hope to make a king size quilt!

  6. I really can’t tell on the top of black book that you had to resewed it there. I doubt it will be a problem. Overall you did a wonderful job with the embroidery!!


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