Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 11

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 11

First, the fun stuff! Here’s the newest Harry Potter Block, well, 1.2 blocks…


Yes – I know – only years 1 – 6 of The Standard Book of Spells were ever mentioned in the Harry Potter series. Logic dictates there were seven though. As much as I tried to tell my patronus story on six books, it never felt right to my OCD. I went ahead and “borrowed” a few inches from the next block so I could have 7.

I thought these seven books all lined up in a row offered a really good opportunity to tell a story. At first I was just going to have a few sparks or crystals widening from the end of a wand. I just wasn’t happy with that though. It seems like the time working through the spells should lead up to something. Expecto Patronum was the spell that stood out to me as something really visual. I landed on a horse, because I’m positive that is what mine would be (who knows why I think that!)

If I were allowing start overs or redesigns, I would surely do something a little different here. I think the idea of a fully formed patronus completely separated from the wand as the “final book” is a good one, but the way I designed them, it doesn’t have the right flow. Book 6 really stands out to me as the grandest of all the books and book seven seems to step back. Not the right build up and crest there! I think simply standing the horse in portrait orientation would give enough room to stretch him out and give him more presence.

They are in ROYGBIV order with the same color backgrounds. Here’s how I put all 7 on a single fat quarter.


I then cut them from the center of the circle with just beyond a half inch on each side and sewed them together finishing up at about 1.5″ each. The last book dips into the next block. Good thing I had room for it!


The Embroidery Files

Here’s the files in .zip for all seven books in .pes, .jef, and .vp3. I used tulle as my patronus applique fabric on the last few books. I’m considering going back and adding a little bit more bling too. Wonder if it wold have been awesome to paint some glitter or glue some crystals under the tulle? Food for thought!

Warning: Book 7 is a little bit wonky. If it gets trimmed to 1.5″, the horse’s feet will surely get lost in the seam allowance. I’m letting mine float to the side a bit. If you’re adventurous, you may want to bump the horse a few mm to left before stitching him.

The Bad News

My embroidery machine has died.

Yes. I killed it.

I have no idea what happened. It was working fine. The tension was a bit off so I adjusted it. The next thing I tried to stitch made this really awful sound and the needle got stuck in the down position. I shut things down, restarted everything, reset everything (yes, the needle, the bobbin, the top thread, the tension, the bobbin tension, and the hoop). I even RTFM – twice! Something very bad has happened to the bobbin or whatever controls the tension of the top thread. It pretty much sews 6 – 10 stitches and then stops with all of the top thread bunched on the back and no bobbin thread pulled up at all.


He is under warranty and I do have a local service shop. I’m hoping to get it in this week and see if we can get this thing back on the road. I have a few blocks to work on that don’t need any embroidery, 1000 other projects, and some non-crafty stuff eating my time. I’m going to consider this a forced break and enjoy it and not stress and cry (like I considered yesterday when it boom while I was stitching out the most awesome custom pattern to date!)

Want More While You Wait?

Check out the Harry Potter Project of Doom index. It is full of links to the original project and patterns as well as links to any related posts with embroidery patterns or applique templates. You can also see more about my machine and software in this post.



  1. Thank YOu so much For the embroidery files. Greatly appreciated.

  2. You are the master of awesome embroidery files. I appreciate all the work the quilting community puts in to providing files for all of us to use for book titles, but it’s yours I keep coming back to when I need a book for my quilt. I know I’ll be blogging this block soon! 🙂

  3. The books look fantastic but so sorry to hear about your machine. Good thing it’s under warranty but it’s never fun waiting to find out what’s wrong with it and then the additional wait to get it back up and running.

  4. Susan, the books look amazing. I think the way they build up through book 7 really works, since the patronus is romping around like it should. Too bad about your machine. I hope the service center is able to get it up and running again quickly.

  5. HADDIE MAE. Nuff said. GRRRRR

  6. Sorry to hear about the machine. The more modern machines just seem so delicate to me sometimes. As always your work is great. I spent some somewhat useful time with my embroidery software yesterday. Sadly I let it do most of the hard work. The only good thin is that I’m not too bad at the graphic manipulation before I get it into the software.


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