Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 8

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 8

Week eight includes another experiment – TWO of those things I’ve been meaning to try forever in one quill. It’s really a magic quilt!


The Books

The Handbook of Do It Yourself Broom Care was my first do-0ver of this project!. I had selected the blue fabric because the print reminded me of quidditch brooms. When I embroidered the broom one the blue spine, I pretty much hated it. The broom was lost and barely showed up. I embroidered a second broom on the orange fabric and liked the broom much better, but was really bummed about the change in fabric. I decided to make a medallion like thing to sew to the spine so I could keep both the orange and blue. The images of the actual book had leather ties around them, so I added dimensional orange stripes on the top and bottom. The stars are hot fix rhinestones added with a hot iron.

All of the images I found for Quidditch Through the Ages were somewhat plain. Since I wasn’t particularly inspired by it, I held on to a few of the details, specifically the snitch and the color green. I went a bit off the rails from there. I really like this book, every time I see it, I think of a tuxedo event!

Encyclopedia of Toadstoods is the first mashup to show up in the quilt. The mushroom is absolutely inspired by my love of all things Mario Brothers. I briefly thought about putting an actual Mario Mushroom or something Princess Peach on there, but ultimately decided that was just too much. It really only needs a nod.

The Quill

The Quill was fun! I’ve been meaning to tinker with bleach on fabric and this seemed like the perfect time to try it! I’ve also wanted to try adding wires under stitching for shaping object for long while too. I don’t know that the wire is going to offer much for this quilt other than giving the stitches a nice round finish, but I was stoked to figure out that it is pretty easy to do. Here’s a close up


Cool right? You may also notice that I finished the far side with a turned edge and left the near side to be frayed. I know I’m not all about the perspective for this quilt, but I liked the idea of confirming that the viewer is not able to see the edges on the far side.

If you like the quill – feel free to download my line art for applique (right click image and choose “save as”). I printed mine at 8″ tall.


You may notice that I changed the inkwell. The first one was based off of the metallic bell shape of the Harry Potter quill inkwell sold in WB’s store.  It didn’t matter how I made it – it looked like something very inappropriate. I thought in the right colors with a bit of metallic treatment would fix it up, but I never it made it that far. I scrapped it for a simpler shape because the snickering was really slowing me down!


The Embroidery Files

There are three embroidery files for this block, download the .pes files in the zip file here. Quidditch Through the Ages and the Encyclopedia of Toadstoods is straight forward. The Handbook of Do It Yourself Broom care broom stitches out beautifully, but the letters are a little rough. I tried a stitch compensation, but it still stitches quite dense and doesn’t look so nice. If I were allowing a second do-over, I would stitch the broom and leave the letters off. I did not take the letters out of the file – use at your own risk. 🙂


Want More?

See all of the blocks for this quilt, download embroidery files, and download more applique templates from the Harry Potter Project of Doom Index Page!



  1. This is so cool! Just so darn cool! 🙂

  2. the quill is so exciting! I am loving the whole thing
    LeeAnna a Harry Potter fan

  3. So now I’m snickering. Love the extra touches you’re trying on this. I will never make this quilt, but I enjoy watching you, and I’m filing away all these ideas. Carry on!

  4. This is so incredibly cool! I love what you’ve done with the quill. I also like seeing the entire thing laid out in the bottom photo.

  5. Thanks so much….I got an embroidery machine for this project but have been working 60 hr workweeks and just have not had time to learn how to make my own book spines. The ones on the pod page are mostly too big and I haven’t decided what softwear to buy to split them so I have used many of yours just to try to keep from falling too far behind on the project.


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