Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Week 6

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Week 6

I started off working on this week’s block by using Jennifer’s week 6 as a seed. I’m really happy with where it was going, but I couldn’t let go of this other idea growing and brimming in my brain. I decided rather than force the block I was working on, I’d put it on hold for a few weeks so I could do what my brain said must be done! I really do love the Gilderoy Lockhart books from last week, but there was something about them that just nagged me to no end. Every time I walked past them hanging on the design wall, I’d stop and ponder… Why do these books scream at me?! I finally decided it was because they were so block-y. The beauty of them all being the same size is also their downfall. Sitting next to the other books, they get a little dense and distracting. I thought about putting some tidbits of “things” on either side of them. As I was rolling though my options, my brain screamed really loud – BOOKENDS!! All you need is bookends! Well – now I have the left side bookend, check it out!


Yes! Those ARE 3D dementors and YES! I found a way to get the Hogwarts Express in there! This block is one that will get a lot of treatment after quilting. First off – the light beige sections will get a nice stone texture. The the yo-yo wheels and demetors will get attached and a small beaded connector will be adding going “into” the tunnel.


So you wanna make a Dementor?

No problem! Here’s how I made mine.

I started with a 3.5″ rough cut circle. Really, don’t spend a ton of time making a perfect circle, we’re just going to destroy it. I used a marking pencil to draw some random jagged edges going anywhere from 0″ from the edge to about .75″. I made a “stop stitch” just inside the marking the lines using a very short and dense zig zag (1.0 width, .8 length). Here’s a blown out picture so you can see what it looks like –

DementorStartNext up – Put a dot near the center of the circle so you can find it later. Trim around the stop stitching. Nothing should be perfect here – ragged is the goal! Anywhere from 1/8″ to 3/4″ from the stitch and everything in between is good. After you’ve finished trimming, get out your favorite fabric damaging implement and fray those edges. I like to use a plain old seam ripper or a pair of tweezers.


Fold your Dementor in half. You’ll likely want to play with this a bit. Depending on where you put the fold, your dementor looks different. From the bottom start a gathering stitch roughly .5″ from the center mark. Follow around staying about .5″ from the center mark. The number and size of gathering stitches will affect the final look of your dementor hood. Play with it some! It only takes a few seconds to put them in and take them out.

StaySttichDementor(Note: In this image, I just doubled my thread, added a knot and went for it. As I made a few of these, I realized it was smarter to put a stay stitch and a knot before starting the gather.)

Pull your gather, pinch you dementor right under the “neck” and take a few whip stitches to hold the two sides together.


For a little something extra, I added a few loops around his neck before stabbing him right in the face and pulling the needle down through his throat to tie it off on the underside.

Here’s a close up of how they look pinned on


When the quilt is all quilted and washed, I’ll attach them by hand sewing them on bottom layer leaving the top layer to fold and bend freely. Watch out Harry! They are coming for you!

So You Wanna Make a Train Car?

I wish I had been a better picture taker and writer downer for the train car! I was so into it, I was just jumping right from one thing to the next. It isn’t a difficult applique project though. I created myself a simple train image to work from and make sure I had exactly the right size with MSWord. Here’s the image. If you want it the same size as mine, you’ll need to print it landscape at 7.5″ wide.


Here are my pieces all cut out and ready to sew. I did turn my edges, but I think this pattern would be awesome with raw edge or whatever fusible technique you love.


I was a little simplistic about it and put a yellow piece of fabric behind the open windows. You could, of course, put really cool things in the windows. Please. oh please oh please oh please someone put really cool things in the windows!

For the wheels, I used a standard quilter’s yo-yo. You can find tutorials and videos for these guys everywhere. to get roughly the right size, you’ll want to start with a 2″ circle.


I think the funnest part of this quilt is that each block is its own little project. None them take so long that you can’t just play with it and try things that sometimes work and sometimes don’t! If you want to take a stab at the train car or the dementors and have questions, please don’t hesitate to ping me. I’m happy to help if I can!


Want More?

See everything there is to see about this quilt including where to get the original patterns, free embroidery files, and some general postulations on the Harry Potter Project of Doom Index Page.


I bet you can guess what is coming next week……. 😀

What say you?