Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 5

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 5

I dedicate this block to one of my favorite HP characters – Gilderoy Lockhart. I swear I love all things Gilderoy. I find his character amusingly bleak and completely unaware. When a section of all books came up, I couldn’t help but show a little love for my dear GL.


When I started this block, I looked at images on the HP wiki of what the books might look like. I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me as a good fit for an embroidered book spine. So I thought about it for a day or two and started to wonder what his books might look like if they came in a contemporary set. I happen to have recently ordered the George RR Martin books and I really liked the look of them with a center emblem and text on both sides.



To mash them together, I picked colors that were somewhat representative of the colors of the books on the HP wiki site. I then doodled out what might be in the emblem for each of the monsters Gilderoy was living with. I stuck with the monsters that I thought had obvious symbolism some were easy, others not so much. For example, I never had a great idea on how to represent a troll in 40mm. I went ahead and stuck with my four favorite sketches, the hag, the werewolf, the ghoul, and the yeti. Next I digitized them. The first one was the doozie and the others fell into place.




Because of the sizes of the spines, I knew I wouldn’t get the author, the title, and the emblem without it getting a little crazy and overwhelming looking.  I made a small filigree design and put GL in for the author and put the titles above the emblem. I used a few digitizer tricks to make each of the titles, emblems, and initials were centered in roughly the same locations. This way when the books sit next to each other, they flow nicely.

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably shop shop instead of stash shop. I don’t love the orange color (it is borderline neon in real life) and I wish I had put different fabric behind the hag to make her stand out a bit more. I suppose I could have remade them, but do-overs are not in the spirit of this learning quilt.

The Embroidery Files

The embroidery files can be downloaded in .pes right here. For the backgrounds I did use an applique trick similar to what is described in the Kissing Concoction instructions. If you use these files, I highly recommend watching it stitch on a software simulation or on a scrap to make sure you have a good idea of what is coming up next. They do stitch in roughly the same order, but because I’m a beginner at digitizing and I’m always new trying approaches, they are all slightly different.

Here’s the “gist” of how to use the emblem parts of the file. If you see a marking line (single stitch one time around a shape), the next step is likely to tack down applique fabric right on top of the marking line (single stitch, one forward one backward). Once the fabric is tacked in place, remove the hoop and trim the applique fabric super close to the stitch line (do not remove the fabric from the hoop!). At some point after that, maybe immediately or maybe after more details have been added, the applique stitches and raw edges will be covered with a satin stitch.

Want more?

You can see all of this quilt’s blocks and download their embroidery files. Check out the HP Index post to see the other blocks.

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By the way – have you seen this cosplay version of Gilderoy complete with moving pictures on the cover of his book? One of my favorite things on the internet last year. Read more about him where I saw it, on epbot.com!



  1. All the blocks together looks fantastic!! This is going to be a great finish

  2. I am loving all these blocks! Each one is so unique! Glad to see you are having so much fun with it!

  3. I still watch the Harry Potter movies when they come out (I have the DVD’s), I am a secret Harry Potter fan as my granddaughters have said; I have made wands for the granddaughters the beer also and a few other things of the HP world !. This is so cool never thought of that ! Thanks for the idea …

  4. Your quilt is one of my most favorites to follow! I bookmarked your blog and look forward to seeing your new HP block each week.


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