Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 4

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 4

Phew! I didn’t think I would ever get this block made! Somehow I have become quite the busy beaver these last few weeks and I’m having trouble finding enough time for everything. I think this block feels like such an effort because I’ve been working on it 15 minutes here then 15 minutes there. Since it takes a few hours a block, 15 minutes at a time really drags on and on! Anywho – it is all done now and despite a few imperfections, I’m a happy camper!


I turned the glasses to the side and took off the arms. I know the arms make them look more like glasses and less like a wonky barbell, but I really wanted to stay true to the representational symbolism of each item rather than tinkering with features that force perspective. I may go back and add some arms as if they are folded, but I think they will be just fine as a part of the whole shelf.

The books

I added a few books that I find amusing to this block. The idea of a collection of Triwizard Tragedies and a book called Cram It! just flat out make me smile. I added in the bug book to fill in the negative space and decided to go without a title to give eye and brain a little rest. As I make these books, they get more and more complex and I’m worried about the full quilt being a little too busy. I have a few fabrics that I really love and plan on sneaking them in as “title-less” supporters of the more ornate spines.

Here’s the images from the Harry Potter Wikia I worked from for the two books


I kept trying to talk myself into leaving the winged dragon critter off of the spine of the Triwizard book. Honestly – I couldn’t figure out a good way to digitize him at such a small size (<1″). I bet I tried it four or five times before I finally managed something that I can not only live with, but actually like! The text in the blue and green sections is super small. Despite turning the speed of my machine as low at it will go, tinkering with tension through two or three sample pieces, and changing everything I could think of in the digitizing program, I never managed a nice clean stitch. The letters are dense on both the front and back. While it looks passable, I’m not sure about “the long run” so to speak.

Cram it! was almost crammed! You can see from the image it is a small Cliffs Notes type book. I went back and forth a million times, make a small book with a small title or ignore its size and make a wide book to hold all of the details. I really really really (no really) wanted some of those details of the red and yellow pennant looking triangles and ultimately decided to make it wide enough to accommodate them. I’m still not positive it was the “right” decision, but I put enough time in it, I’m keeping it!!


The Embroidery Files

I went back and forth a bunch on publishing these. Then I thought about the 4×4 hoopers – you can totally use these! Since I pieced these spines, each one of the sections of the books were separately digitized. They all fit in a 4×4 hoop. As I mentioned, the Triwizard Tragedies text in the blue and green sections is way small and hard to get stitched out nicely (maybe impossible). I think the book would still look great if you only used the text in the red section and the yellow dragon critter.

Download the .pes versions in this zip file. As always, if you need another format, simply drop me an email and I will convert it for you.

Don’t forget – avoid thread breaks by slowing down you machine. It helps a ton around those crazy curves on the letters like “S” and “R”.

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  1. These blocks are so incredibly cool! I love them!

    • You’re the best Izzy! Thank you!!

  2. I love your titles! They are clever.I have to hand embroider them, but for some reason my computer can not open the files. Do you know what program might work to open them on my Macbook Pro? Can you email them to me in a different format?

    • Interesting! I had not thought about making them hand embroidery patterns. This will take a bit of research, let me see if I can figure out a good way to convert them. 🙂

      • I would be highly interested in patterns that convert to hand work as well! I only have a treadle machine and simply LOVE hand work! I haven’t done any of my books yet as I am very interested in others ideas (there are some awesome ones out there!). Yours are a wonderful example!

  3. It is coming along fabulously! I am waiting as anxiously for your blocks as I am the actual patterns 🙂

    • Wow! That’s an amazing thing to say, thank you! I spent all day at work today telling myself that since I didn’t have any other commitments tonight, I was going to work on books all evening. Then I got home and had no idea what to do! I forget that I really have to let the ideas stew a day or two before I have a clear picture of where I’m going. Good news – I have some ideas for the next block! Bad news – time is short! 🙂

  4. It is looking great Susan! I am sure the finish is going to be spectacular.

    • I’m not even allowed to think about finishes at this point. This thing is going to take a LIFETIME! 🙂


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