Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 3

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 3

Hello there in muggle land! I went a little cra-cra extending the possibilities of what one could do with the idea of floating applique. Without further ado – here is the Weasley block!


Kind of cool right?? I was even a bit impressed with myself. That jar was something I really had to think through. I designed, redesigned, and changed the embroidery file about 100 times. I think it can still be honed in for a bit smoother of a process, but to be honest, I was just thrilled it worked!


It isn’t as far off pattern as it seems…

I did put a jar of something on this block, but overall I really took a different path than the week 3 pattern.  I had fun with this block and if you want the gory details on why I took out the perspective book, just ask, I’ll tell you! 🙂


What’s so Weasley about Charming Cheese?

These three books are titles Harry notices when he visits the Weasley house for the first time. I’ve always been amused by Mrs. Weasley. She seems like the kind of lady I’d like to hang out with, maybe we would make a quilt! I figured since I was putting the boys in this block then she could go too. The little food icons are digitized versions of the icons from the cover images on the Harry Potter Wiki. I wanted to keep the thread color palette limited and only used the title color and one additional color.


More on the Jar

I used a “floating applique” trick with my embroidery machine to make the jar. I have no idea if this is a common technique or not, it is just something I thought I would try. Here’s what it looks like when it is coming together.



Download Embroidery Files!

You want to give it a whirl? You can download all of the .pes files here. PLEASE NOTICE – there is a pdf document included in the zip file that will walk you through the steps for making the jar. It includes tips, a few notes, lots of pictures, and alternate suggestions. I will tell you – it is late and I’m exhausted.  The document isn’t well edited and likely has errors. I really wanted you to have it. The choice was to upload it like is or not at all so I’m putting it out there. If you run into trouble or my English reads like I’ve been up for two days and don’t know the difference between their and there – please, holler, I’ll fix it.

As always, if you need the files in a format other than .pes, just ask and I’ll convert them for you. It is really no trouble.



Want More??

Find all posts and files related to this project on the Harry Potter Project of Doom index page!


Here’s the T-tiny image I Found of the Kissing Concoction on Harry Potter Wiki and the line art I made based on it. 🙂



  1. Fantastic! This just gets better and better 🙂

  2. I love all the HP ephemera/details you’re adding. Not only are you getting your money’s worth from the embroidery machine, you’re really learning how to use it – rather than letting it use you. So wonderful to see this creativity emerge!

  3. As one who tried to read Harry Potter 1 and got no further, I really cannot comment with authority. However, as a viewer of crafty projects, this looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  4. You make me want to go and work on embroidery! Then, I realize I have to go to work and already have a dozen projects I need to do. Looking great as always!

  5. This is going to be so cool when you’re all finished. Getting your money’s worth out of that embroidery machine, that’s for sure!


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