The Sunday Geekery: Costume Quest 2 and Warcraft

The Sunday Geekery: Costume Quest 2 and Warcraft

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Costume Quest 2 is a fun little RPG-like sequeal to Double Fine’s 2012 Costume Quest. I really enjoyed Costume Quest and have told you about it before. Costume Quest 2 is currently available on Steam and is worth a play through! It feels a little shallow compared to the first game and I suspect it is because of the time travel element. I generally have a rule that anytime you introduce time travel into a story or game, you risk making it too complicated and not fun at all. In this game, you do hop around time forcing you to deal with a little bit of awkwardness (like your best kid friends all grown up and married, eh?), but it totally ignores things like the butterfly effect or the impossibility of the time lines existing concurrently. In other words, if you don’t think about it too hard – it’s fun.

As is always true with Double Fine games, the art is fantastic and fun, the dialog is quirky and entertaining, and the over all feel is fun and casual. No real grinding or killing a zillion bad guys, lots of optional side quests, a a few fun surprises for completest types of players. The game is short – I finished is six hours and two minutes of playtime with all but one costume collected. I considered going back for achievement farming and the more difficult version of the game (keeping one of your players a generally useless candy corn the whole game), but decided instead to re-up my Warcraft account for the new expansion coming soon.

Speaking of Warcraft….

You all may have lost me in Azeroth. I closed my account about a year ago because I had really started to tire of the game. It gets so repetitive and feels like such a time suck that it just wasn’t fun anymore. Here’s the thing about distance and characters that get paused when you go away – it is fresh after you’ve had some time off. The annoying crap doesn’t seem annoying anymore and the tedious tasks cease to be important. All I had to do was hear the opening gong sound when the game started and I am so checked back in! My kid is finally able and interested in playing so we’re working on leveling up two fresh characters together. I really dig almost all of the changes they made for the newest expansion and I’m back on my weekly quests for a few rare mounts. I swear, I’m going to have to put parental controls on for myself when the expansion comes in November!


To be wholly honest, I could stand to be lost in a virtual world for a bit! Been so busy with one thing and another, I’m starting to feel drawn pretty thin. I could see taking an extended holiday break from all of my extra obligations through November and December. Maybe even go super simple for the holidays too. Just a nice easy ride in to 2015. Sounds alright eh?

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  1. I’m all for escaping into fun things like this when you need to recharge.


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