Breaking all of the Rules: Suedre’s Around the World Post

Breaking all of the Rules: Suedre’s Around the World Post

I know you’ve all see the Around the World Blog “chain letter” posts floating around. I’m so grateful that five of you have thought of me when nominating bloggers to carry the torch and continue the game. When they first started showing up, I really couldn’t participate because of so many other things going on. When I had more time, I decided I wasn’t too jived about the assigned questions. You’re here because you read my blog – you already know what I’m working on and what makes me different from the pack, right? Then I was nominated again. I thought about and decided that the spirit of this thing is sharing your favorite bloggers and linking around the community. So I’m going to tell you about five that nominated me with five that I dig lots. For each blogger, I picked my favorite project of theirs to show you.

Awesome Chicks that Nominated me!

Julie @ 627Handworks

Kaleidoscope-Quilt-627handworks-7-394x450I so enjoy Juile’s projects. She seems like a real down to earth chick and has an amazing eye for color combinations. She’s been successful with all sort of design projects and has some pretty great paper piecing patterns. When I think of Julie, I think of fresh, modern and thoughtful.

Tina @ Seaside Stitches

TinaSeaSideStitchesLet me tell you – Tina knows no fear. She takes one the big, hard, time consuming projects and completes them at a rate that just makes me wonder how she manages it all! Her favorite project of mine is the one she is working on right now. I’ve never really wanted to make a wedding ring quilt before, but his one may change my mind.


Linda @ Linda’s Landscapes

thevisitlindawulfkoenigLinda is an amazing art quilter. She’s very thoughtful with her projects and her approach to them. She gets amazing textures and added dimension with FMQ work and really smart fabric selection. I feel fortunate that she takes us along through her process. There’s a lot to learn from Linda! (I had to pick this one as my favorite since I saw it live and in person!)


Elise @Lovela Designs

Sun-Burst-TopOh how I love Elise quilts. She has a way with color that I find amazing. She does a beautiful job supporting every color she chooses with thoughtful placement and use of neutrals. I swear, colors look more themselves when she has worked with them. Did you know – she sells patterns and quilts too. You should check out her Etsy store.

Soma @Whims and Fancies

piano_trio_smSoma. An amazing lady and equally amazing designer. She can put together a paper piecing pattern like nothing I’ve ever seen. They are so detailed with all of the little pieces connecting together and making something beautiful. She’s also hosted some pretty great blog hops featuring free patterns and a varied set of designers.

Awesome chicks that I really dig!

Rachael @Blue Mountain Daisy

HappyasaclamBlueMountainI swear, Rachael can do no wrong. I don’t think I’ve seen anything cross her blog that I didn’t absolutely love. I can hardly stand it when she brings the denim! I love this quilt, “Happy as a Clam”, so much I’m not even sure what to do about it. It tells so many stories and is full of so many surprises. I’d love to see it in person some day.

Tine @ Chats et Laine

BatWallHangingI know this lady in real life and I’m just so glad I do. I think she’s the bee’s knees. She’s thoughtful, grounded, easy to get along with, and super smart. I had to pick this project because she gave it to me! How cool are these bats and spiders? Go ahead, get your jealous on!


Becca @ Becca’s Crazy Projects

BeccasFeathersIt’s impossible to have anything but love for longarm quilter, Becca. She’s outspoken, straight forward, and incredibly giving. I swear, she’s working on charity quilts around the clock. Better yet – she came down here and spent the whole day with us at Maker Faire back working on 100 by 100. I’m not sure I can think of anything cooler.

Ashley @TwynMarwrMom

AEAHeaderAT_edited-1One thing is for sure, if you read Ashley’s blog, you’re getting the genuine truth. She tells her story from a very real place and I find her candor and willingness to be open endearing.  Besides, she does really cool stuff that I could never image, like auditioning for TV shows, and then tells us about it. I do admire her and how she puts it all out there.


Alida @ Tweety Loves Quilting

TheSwordInTheStone-QuiltTopI still squee every time I see these squares. The Mimm one is worth an extra squee on her own (The patterns are available for free on her site, and yes, I will make myself one of these one day). Alida is a fan artist who seems to love all of the nerdy things I love too. It’s so much fun to see what she is working on next and she certainly inspires me to stay on track. Did you know? She hosts a link up party on Mondays too. Swing by and join!

Pay it forward

I tried to pick bloggers that I had not seen an “Around the World” post from. If you see yourself here – consider yourself nominated to carry on the torch. I’ll send the email with the more official looking rules. You can post it following those rules, break all the rules and post my way, or don’t post it at all.  Really, life is only fun when do things exactly like you want to do them, right?



  1. What a wealth of inspiration. Thank you for introducing those bloggers :)

  2. Way to go! Fantastic post!! You are super nice, Thanks so much :)


  3. Thanks for such high praise! I like the way you did yours (i think it is nice to be able to participate without having to necessarily form to the same rules as everyone! I loved reading about all the other bloggers you mentioned too!

    • You’re welcome! It’s all true! I’m glad people are responding well to the format change. Could have gone either way right? :)

  4. Oh you are so sweet! Thanks a lot. I’m honored to be in this fine company!! I squee…;) And now I peruse….;)

    • And thanks for playing! It is fun to see what different people love. :)

  5. I felt the same way. I’d been nominated a few times and declined due to scheduling and not inclined to answer the questions, especially since I recently participated in the Plum & June blog hop and already had a huge post about me. Didn’t want to scare what few readers I had into thinking that I’m always joining in gratuitous blog hops to promote myself. Good for you for making it your own.

    • heh, yeah. I don’t often do the all about me posts. I have a few in the archives and typically just point to those. I mean really how many times can you hear the story of the URL and how many ways can I tell it? I even suck at it on give-a-ways and stuff. ha!

  6. You are so right that the quuestions seem to be repeating what is already said on our blogs. Good on you for seeing what the hop is really about and going with it. Thank you for including me in your 5, my Happy as a Clam quilt is smiling at you for paying it such wonderful compliments.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks muches for sharing it with us. You’re surely an inspiration and makes my day you stop by and say hello. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I love the reading assignments (that’s what I’m telling my husband) I’m getting from this post. This means I get to go see all these quilters’ blogs without having to feel guilty about parking in my chair for however long. Yay!!!! And good for you for being brave enough to skip the questions! :))) I totally dig that, as I am usually a ‘rule breaker’ myself. Thanks again!

    • Feels good doesn’t it?? You can see my knots on the backs of my quilts AND I dont care. hahaha! Thanks for nominating me!

  8. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one uninspired by the questions! Overall I didn’t think answering them was interesting, and reading them on other people’s blogs wasn’t interesting either. I felt like they really weren’t quilter blogger questions, and there could have been much better ones! So I’m glad you’re a rule breaker and introducing some of your favorite bloggers to us!

    • You know how I am. Can always find me in the crowd because I’m facing the wrong way! hahahaha!


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