If you guess it first, I’ll buy it & other updates

If you guess it first, I’ll buy it & other updates

If you’ve been around me for anytime IRL, you know I love stupid t-shirts. Anytime I come across one that nods to my favorite cult culture phenoms or my love all things Nintendo and there’s a pretty good chance I’m in. My most favoritist place to pick up silly shirts is shirt.woot.com. Would believe it? This week they have NEEDLEWORK as a category and some really fun shirts!


Shall We Play a Game?

There are 10 shirts total. I bought 2. Can you guess which ones?? Now, guessing games aren’t fun if there’s no prize so – IF – You’re the first person to leave a comment correctly guessing which two shirts I purchased and live in the US (where free shipping applies), I’ll buy you one of your favorite design! Only your first guess counts, so make sure you mean it! You have until Friday August 15 at 4pm. If you’re the winner, you must answer your notification email by Saturday August 16th and 8pm. What are you waiting for! Get to guessing!

(Just so ya know – I have ZERO affiliation with shirt.woot! I generally love their shirts and want to support a category as awesome as Needlework. Since even I have my limit on the number of stupid t-shirts I can buy for myself, I figured it a good time to share the love!)

(Special note: To avoid spoilers and be completely fair, I won’t be replying to guesses. I assure you, I love you all and thank anyone who gives it a whirl right from the sub-cockles of my heart. You’re all the best!)

I’ve been Cross Stitching again too!

In my down time, I’ve picked up a bit of cross stitch. Mostly because the wonderful Claudia gifted me a Nevermore Biscornu based on Cloudsfactory.net’s pattern and I love it! I finished up a gift for a friend (that you’ll see next week) and started on another set of mini-people. In that, I’ve finally found a use for Instagram. If you’d like to follow along with the progress (which is admittedly SLOW), give theboredzombie a follow! I’ll follow you back too!


Since I love Cloudsfactory.net and I love Halloween, I couldn’t resist signing up for her mystery stitch.


The supplies have been trickling in and the first part of the pattern is available on August 25. I kind of like the idea of committing to something that I have no clue what it is or is going to be (like a 1000 piece mystery puzzle) so I’m giving it a whirl. Given the the finished size is so huge, I can’t image there’s any way possible I’ll keep up, but I’m going to try to be a good girl and not look ahead. I’m extra excited about this project because I’m giving Evenweave a go AND I get to try out hand dyed Weeks Dye Works threads.

So what else?

There’s big news for Windows to the Orient! I can’t wait to show you the finished quilt, tell you its news, and finally publish that mitered corner tutorial I keep hinting at. I’ve also finished another quilt when you weren’t looking and you aren’t going to believe I made it when you see it. Heck, I don’t even believe it! Dragon*Con is coming! The Sunday Geekery is back this Sunday with all of my tale of cos-play woe followed by happy Dragon*Con planning and excitement. If that isn’t enough, I have a new toy that I’m learning lots about and will have the details of what “not” to do in September. THEN!  Spark*Con, a local art, theater, and general creative festival, is coming in Raleigh. My daughter and I will be sidewalk painting again and plan to spend much more time taking in the other artists this year!


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  1. I’m guessing a stitch in time, aaaannnd grim repairs. I really like the atoms and molecules. It sounds as though you’ve been busy making fabulous things!!

  2. Love the cross stitch you are working on!

  3. Since somebody already took my first guess, I’ll go with Grim Repairs and Rebel Cattack.

    p.s. I notice there are a couple that NObody has guessed. I hope that is an indication of familiarity with you.

  4. I’m going to guess a Stitch in Time and Hero of Canton. Such a funny episode. So many good options, it was hard to come up with a combo!

  5. I am going to go with love and carrots and grim repairs. I love shirt woot and other similar sites. My brother and I have been exchanging funny shirts for birthdays and Christmas lol (I personally enjoy dinosaur shirts, specifically the ones that make fun of their tiny arms lol)

  6. grim repairs and stringform, that’s my guess, purple, funny. LeeAnna Paylor

  7. Hmm, I will guess For the Love of the Craft and A Stitch in Time. Such cute shirts, and fun contest. I’m not even sure you needed a prize–I just like games!

  8. Grimm repairs and Stitch in time? I love the cross stitch project! I’ve been wanting to give cross stitch a whirl. I better get on that super cute!


What say you?