The Sunday Geekery: The con is coming! The con is coming!

The Sunday Geekery: The con is coming! The con is coming!


Oh how I love the Dragon Con! We’re getting close now, less than two weeks! We’ve been several times, usually going on the even years. I’m always bummed at guest announcements and on the off years, but this year I’ve been able to the happy dance more than once! I’m sure many of you know Comic Con, Dragon Con is a bit different. There are amazing celebrities, artists, and interesting panels, but not really the super A-list types. Dragon Con still feel fan driven to me. Yeah, the crowds are huge, the lines are long, and it is hot as shit in downtown Atlanta, but there’s still wookies and folks with full leather armor running around living their dreams and passions. I had intended to tell you all of the amazing people and things I was planning to see over the weekend, but there’s still no schedule! grrrr! No worries, I’m watching for it like a hawk and will probably not be able to contain myself once I have the list. My interests are so varied, I rarely stay on any single fan track. Never know – might see a video game developer, and artist, voice actor, scientist, or a skeptic. Could be anything which is so darn exciting!

Tale of Woe

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Con is what I consider passionate performance art – cos-players. I can find myself a spot and watch them walk by for hours and I get just as excited the fifth time I see Ghostbusters or Mario as the first. When someone is wondering around as a character I love so dearly, I feel an almost instant connection and a true appreciation for the depth of the fandom. When they play the part by acting too – man, the actual character might as well be standing in front of me. I tend to sequel a bit like a 13 year old girl. I love mash-ups, I love artistic renditions of characters, I love customs, I love big, I love small, I love simple, and I love elaborate. As long as the are genuine, they are amazing.

As you can imagine, I feel a certain pressure to contribute to the community with a costume of my own. Nearly every year, I’ve threatened to make a costume. This year, I was so serious, I bought a pattern to get started, enough fabric to test a bit and complete it, and a serger. Yep, that’s right a serger to deal with the knits. Two months later, here’s my progress.


Yeah, clearly, I don’t wanna. I thought about this a lot. A whole lot. Here’s a truth I’ve come to – I don’t have to participate to love it. I’m not the type that loves to be seen, costume or not. I’m comfortable being out there in small crowds or with friends, but I have just about zero desire to have any idea what it feel like to have strangers want to take my picture or worse, strangers that don’t want to take my picture. There’s tons of mediums I love and support, but don’t want to do it myself. I don’t have to wear a costume to love those that do. Not sure why it took me so long to be ok with voyeurism, but I’m there now. Of course, I’m holding my costume plan close to my chest in case I change my mind one year! Never know, the only thing IĀ  do consistently is being inconsistent!

Fan Art!

Over the next 11 days leading to the con, I’m going to show the accessories I made last trip and new one for this year’s show. Too bad I can’t think of a way to drag a king size Bowser quilt around. I bet people would like that! ha!

Are you going?

Let’s say hello! I’ll be there Thursday through Monday. If you’re going I’d love to see you. Specially if you’re wearing a costume! Drop me a line and I’ll give my number. šŸ™‚


I am going to attempt to instagram the experience. The idea is attempt to share what it is really like to attend one of these big cons. The lines, the heat, the crowd, the sometimes crappy seats, getting poked in the eye with wings, and long winded panelists. Ideally, the awesome will come though too. Pizza for the third night, a stop at Corner Bakery, spotting a favorite celebrity in the wild, awesome costumes, inspiring panels, and the best parade known to man.

I figure this will be Instragram sink or swim for me. I’ve been tinkering with it for a few weeks and I can’t say I love it or hate it. There’s a few connections I’m really enjoying and a fair amount of noise. In this case I should have lots of opportunity to actually have something to show. Follow along and offer feedback at theboredzombie!


  1. Sounds amazing! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and find other uses for the serger šŸ˜€

    • Yes, yes. I’m sure you’re right – like finishing the edges of quilts before binding. Just have to take the darn thing out of the box!

  2. my cousin goes each year I think – you might know him? We should chat LOL I wish I could go just ONCE!!!

    • That’s would be a crazy co-wink-e-dink! It’s stressful, but tons of fun. I really enjoy it and look forward to it!


What say you?