It’s Bowser Time!

It’s Bowser Time!

I know Bowser has shown up here and there in all of the Maker Faire posts and images, but I decided he rightfully deserves his own celebration post. Here is the official very first ever picture of Bowser with all 4,917 1” pixels and some crazy number of partial seam background squares.


We discovered that looking at Bowser is a bit like looking at a Monet – if you get to close you can’t really see anything, but a good distance away and pla-dow! (How many fine art people just had a heart attack because I compared Bowser to a Monet??)

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again – As a technical quilt, Bowser is a hot mess! I started working on him when I didn’t fully understand the importance of 1/4 seams, that there were places called “quilt shops”, or how to press seams in a thoughtful way. To be honest, that one of my favorite features! You can look at the back of this quilt and see real progress. The bottom (where I started) is a total mess. As you get closer to the top, things become more focused and organized. Heck, seams and corners ever start to match!


Now on to the equally behemoth job of quilting this bitch. Yep, I said it and I mean it too! For some reason, every time I think of the mammoth task of pushing this GI-normous quilt through my little old machine I get aggressive! I’m assuming that is my brain’s way of helping me gain a little confidence over big bad Bowser (henceforth known as this bitch)!

OK Ok, a little more serious thoughts about the quilting. A very patient friend sat with me for an hour or more digging through her extensive batting stash while I hemmed and hawed about what to do. I had swatches of 1” squares and big plans of picking my favorite battings and testing each one of them. After getting overwhelmed with my own indecisiveness, I finally just let it go. I haven’t really planned or overly thought about a single thing for this quilt right from the get-go. It has always been a “JUST DO” quilt and I see no reason not to continue that. I happen to have two king size cotton battings hanging around the house – that’s what is going in! No more thinking, planning, or plotting!


I do intend to switch thread colors as I go so the back side of the quilt will have a thread version of the Bowser image on the back. I really wanted black, but can’t do that because of my white dog. I went on the hunt for a nice 60 – 70% gray in a 108” width, but found I was being to be too finicky about that too. Almost all of the grays seemed to have a blue or red bias conflicting with the gray on the front that is quite true. I didn’t feel like I could order the right gray online, so I went with something completely different, a green paisley.


Since the minute I pressed “Order”, I’ve been second guessing! Even though Bowser himself has a similar green paisley, I wonder if I should do something more fun, like this orange…


Of course, a lot of 90 x 100 of orange could be way painful to the eye. Ugh. Decisions. Why must there be so many? What’s your first preference? The green or the orange?

Funny, I kind of can’t wait for the back to get here even though I know it means hours in the floor with safety pins. 🙂

Don’t forget – all of the details of how to make one for yourself including the pixel pattern are on Bowser’s index page!


  1. That quilt is awesome!! There are no other words for it! I like the idea of the green on the back, but I’m sure if you add orange to it that would look good too. I still am in awe of all those little pieces! I always have problems with how to press my seams so I can’t even imagine how a quilt like that would go!

    • I stuck with the green. When it arrived they had sent almost a whole yard extra with a “lucky you, end of bolt” sticker. I have SO much of that fabric now that I’m just going to use it. I think it is going to work out even though I was a bit unsure to begin with. I just figured out yesterday that my batting is 6″ too short, so I gotta get another one. Then maybe I can FINALLY get started!

  2. Looks Mahvelous !!! Thanks for sharing !!

  3. Love it Susan! It turned out amazing. I cannot imagine the amount of time spent on that quilt so far. I love the green background! We have that backing fabric at the shop I work at and it is gorgeous in person. I think you will be very happy! i can’t wait to see more!

  4. It’s peanut butter Bowser time, peanut butter Bowser time. Peanut butter Bowser and a basebal bat, peanut butter Bowser and a baseball bat!

    Ok, all excitement aside, I hadn’t made it to this post till just now and it makes me so happy. I really hope you get the reference above, else you might think I’m a complete mad woman. (Well, I am, so I guess that would be ok.)

    In the small patch, I like the orange better as well, but I think you might be right that it could get garish on the large scale. I’m interested to see how this makes it through your sewing machine for the quilting part. I’m working on a King size quilt myself, and am dreading when the time comes to quilt the top. I’m crazy, it’s my first quilt. 😉

  5. Derrick is obsessed with this and now he’s asking me why I don’t make fun quilts… lol. Green fo sho. I can’t imagine quilting him. I have a quilt top that I made for our bed close to two years ago, I even finished the backing, but i just don’t have the balls to quilt it! I’m eager to see how you go about it.

  6. OMG! Jaw totally dropped when I saw this. Seriously, this is amazing work, like when you go to an art gallery and your breath is taken away by how awesome the piece is.

    • heh, thank you! I had a very similar response to chain chomp! Sometimes simple, but brilliant ideas are a million times cooler than big giant killer tasks like this one. I’m not kidding when I tell you that I actually hope one of The Horde readers will make me one! We’ll see……

  7. Bowser is an epic quilt!! No other way to describe it!! Quilting the thread version on the back is a great idea!


    • heh, yes! epic! lol. The strange truth is, I’ll kind of miss him. Good thing I have another quilt that will take years all ready to replace him as the traveler. 🙂


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