The Sunday Geekery is brought to you by the letter ‘H’

The Sunday Geekery is brought to you by the letter ‘H’

Woot! Moving right along on the movie alphabet movie project! If you want more details or to see the whole list, swing by this new index page!

For years I have threatened to watch as many movies as I could from AFI’s top 100. Since the release of our favorite local film critic’s alphabet of all times greats I’ve decided to make it happen! For each letter, I will watch Mark Burger’s pick, an AFI pick, and my own pick.

Mark Burger’s H: Halloween

There’s a good chance I would have picked this movie is Mark didn’t beat me to it. This is the first film I can remember watching that actually scared me. Truth is – it still does! This film was made in 78, a precursor to Freddy, Hellraiser, and Jason. I love the idea of watching it ahead of modern films and 80s slashers. Can you image how shocking it was?
If  I live to be 100, I bet my heart will still stop at the scene when Jamie Lee thinks she’s knocked Michael out and he sits up in the back ground right over her shoulder. That head turn! Dang!

I give Halloween a big fat A+.

AFI’s H: High Noon

HighNoonWell, I’ll give this one it’s due. It was not anything like I expected. I figured it would be like a common American Western (meh), but it is more cerebral. Nearly all of the drama is created through suspense drawn through conversation while waiting for the big showdown. While it was interesting, I found very much on the slow side, I couldn’t wait for noon to come so all of this could get resolved!

As with a lot of movies 50+ years old, I do like to watch them for indications of the time. It isn’t uncommon for there to be a theme of something I know nothing about and have to do a little research for context. I was surprised at the political conspiracy theories revolving around the film.  Even John Wayne was mad at this one!

I give it a B-. Different, Suspenseful, and Curious.

Suedre’s Pick: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

HarryPotterStoneI was a later bloomer to all things Harry Potter. I had decided that I hated it without giving it a chance and picked up one of the books on a dare. Then I got it, right up until around book 5 when things went a little blah for me. I’m certain I will always love the first one book and movie. Typically, I don’t enjoy film adaptations of books, but film shines. The music is perfect, the characters are beautifully stylized, and the film stays mostly true to the story. Besides, look at Daniel Radcliff’s cute little face, dontcha just want to pinch it?

This one is one of the movies I always watch if I happen upon it. Even with the commercial breaks!

So tell me, what is your pick for ‘H’?


  1. I can’t think of an H (but I do love Harold and Maude), but I was a take-it-or-leave it on Harry Potter. Then when the last one was coming out, I borrow my friend’s set of HP movies and watched the last 3 before the Big Ending. I thought it was a perfect way to appreciate them, and I enjoyed seeing that last one!

    • H really is kind of a crappy letter, wonder why ‘H’ movies are meh? The only other two my brain came up with were Harry and the Hendersons and Hairspray.

      It’s only that first HP movie that gets my attention full on. I sometimes wonder if it is the soundtrack more than anything else. I really dig the big score. Its very magical and full of wonder – which is so in my wheelhouse. 🙂

  2. We watched High Noon recently too. I loved it , handsome Gary Cooper and a western but I did notice how slow the pace was. I thought it just goes to show films these days have a faster momentum to them. I had no idea there were political theories around the film, I’ll have to check it out. Harold and Maud is a quirky H movie

    • Harold and Maude! That is a great one! I’ll have to put it back on my re-watch list. 🙂


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