Lady In Red: Fabric Selection

Lady In Red: Fabric Selection

The Horde subscribers may remember a few weeks ago when I featured Janeen of Quilt Art Desings upcoming Quilt-a-long, Girl in the Wind. I was teetering on giving this one a whirl and with a little push (I’m looking at you Linda!), I decided to give it a shot! Here is my first completed block:

LadyInRedQAL04I typically avoid QAL’s. I’m a project bouncer. From one project to the next constantly dealing with this interruption (stupid fake flu!) and that interruption (why do I have to eat?) I already know right up front that I will be behind by week three because of other commitments. I’m not worried about it though. Just because a piece is mailed to me doesn’t mean I have to do it right then. Besides, it will give me a chance to peek at what everyone else is doing first!

If you’re interested in making one yourself, hop on over to Janeen’s and join up. I’d love to see what you do too!

BOM @ QADesigns

You know I love process and love to share with you what I was thinking when I made one decision or another. I’ll be checking in with this one from time to time with various thoughts on the project, pattern, or process. For this first block, I thought I’d tell you how I picked the fabrics.

Believe it or not – serendipity. Oh how I love serendipity. I was in a local quilt show, Cary Quilting Company and I spotted a sample quilt for a kit hanging on the wall. (The kit is pretty sweet too – if you like it, be sure to take a look at the link. It’s a great collection of a ton of varied batiks).

SticksQuiltThere were large sections of reddish/orange/brown and I responded to it immediately. It’s funny – in all my thinking about how I was going to manage my red headed lady, I never once considered batiks. Roberta helped me find the six that were lined up in what will no be known as the “hair section”.  I didn’t know exactly what I needed, so I grabbed 1/2 yard of each.

LadyInRedQAL03When I got home them, I washed them, laid them out and walked past them for a few days. I finally decided that I didn’t love the orange and while the wheat one had a nice brown tone too it, too much of it was purple and green.  Take a look at this section of it:

LadyInRedQAL02Well now I had a problem. What to do about the range of colors. I went digging through my stash and after coming up for air, I found I had a few options that weren’t batik. When I lined them all up, I liked the way the patterns toned down the richness of the batiks and created even more interest. I added a few solids as companion colors and ended up with this pallet.

LadyInRedQAL01Now it is starting to look like a red head! To keep myself straight, I went ahead and made a fabric card assigning the fabrics to their pattern number. A glue stick right to the paper that has the master chart was all it took. You’ll notice I’ve labeled some numbers with a “A”. Those are the colors that have added an alternate so I can choose from two fabrics when I get to a section that uses it. So far, that choice has been more visceral than thoughtful, hope it works out for me!


Time Ticker!

As a general rule, I suck at estimating how long something will take. I suspect it is because I don’t do a very god job of keep up with how long things before it took! I’m challenging myself to keep a close eye on time with this project and really figure out exactly what went into to it. Here’s the totals so far:

Thinking about/reviewing pattern and instructions: 1.5 hours
Searching for and settling on fabrics: 2 hours
Pattern prep/piecing first section: 2.5 hours

Running Total: 6 hours.

(ACK! maybe I don’t want to know!)

There’s a bunch of great QAL’s out there. I’m loving Michelle, Kristal and Daisy’s Gypsy Wife and Sassy Quilter’s Triangles. What QAL’s have you joined?

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  1. Gorgeous, I want to sew this Lady too 🙂

    • Oh! That would be awesome! I’d love to see what yours looks like too!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how much time can and does go into a quilt? Can’t wait to see the lady in red. Such a beautiful pattern. Good luck keeping track of your time 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda! I’m looking forward to seeing her come along too. I’m not positive I picked the right skin tones – guess I’ll see one go in this week’s block. Right or wrong – just going to have to make it work. 🙂

  3. QAL’s can be a little stressful to keep up with sometimes so I try not to do too many at a time, but these quilts are too awesome! Love this one, it will be so cool. I was just at a show and was like…I LOVE quilted hair! So mesmerizing to me:)

    • I think she’s going to get some bead work to go with her quilted hair! We’ll see. I should get over the piecing hump first. 🙂

  4. I think you ended up with a good hair selection of fabrics. I agree with the batik problem. So often what appeals to me in the fabric is the variation, and it just isn’t usable in most of my projects (unless I fussy cut).

    • Yeah, I think I’m going to have to do a little bit of fussy on the one orange. There’s a few places that are just too orange. If it weren’t a paper piecing project, I’d probably abandon that one too.

      I like where you’re going with your bridge. I’ll be sure to come by and see what’s next.


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