Nevermore Film Festival Recap: Day 2

Nevermore Film Festival Recap: Day 2

We’re spending our days at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham NC this weekend! Here’s some happening around the festival today!

Here’s the films we saw today and including our viewer’s choice ratings!

 Comingtogetyou They’re Coming to Get you Barbara!, Viewer’s Choice: Root of the Problem.
The shorts collections are always my favorite feature of Nevermore. I knew by the promo image here that one of the shorts in this series was going to feature a dentist. I so hate dentist horror – I actually dreaded this one. Turns out, it was my favorite of the bunch! The actors were spot on. The setting, themes, and story were all fun to watch. If you get a chance to see this one, I highly recommend it!
 Piano Grand Piano, Score: 7
This is a solid, well made, unique suspense movie. There’s nothing wrong with it and it would make a nice Netflix or Redbox choice. It’s not horror – even those of you that think I’m nuts can watch this one.
 ForeignInvaders Revolution of the Foreign Invaders, Favorite: Mr. Bear
This is the first year I can say I was overall disappointed in the foreign shorts. A few of them were OK, but most were just meh. One even confused me to the point I still don’t know what story they were trying to tell. Oh well, at least I got a good laugh out of Mr. Bear. My winner by default this year.
 herecomes Here Comes the Devil, Score: 9
I really enjoyed this film. It was a bit gratuitous with some the sex scenes. I don’t think it kills the movie though. I buy into the characters, their lives, and their crazy circumstances. I also believe the actions and interactions of the distraught parents that go to extremes. My movies mates didn’t agree, giving it a 5 & 6.

One more day to go! I’ve got something exciting to show you all tomorrow too! Can’t wait!


  1. Day 2 sounds like a full day of movie watching!! From your reviews it sounds like I could watch the Grand Piano, not too scary.. 🙂 I like the photos of the cinema displays.

    • You could! There’s no blood or anything. Just straight up suspense! I gave it a 7 because the score is lovely. It is quite pleasant to listen to if nothing else. 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun time!

    • It really is! Usually by movie 8 my back hurts and I’m counting the minutes. This year they were all good and went by nice and easy. 🙂


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