Nevermore Film Festival Recap: Day 1

Nevermore Film Festival Recap: Day 1

We’re spending our days at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham NC this weekend! Here’s some of our happenings around the festival today!

Here’s the films we saw today and including our viewer’s choice ratings!

 Nevermore Film Festival February 17-23, 2014 - Mozilla Firefox_2014-02-16_21-12-16  Open Grave, My Score:9

I dig (ha!) this movie! I found it thoughtful. It created several mysteries and answered them all reasonably and in time. I completely bought the characters and their stories. It also has a healthy dose of gross and ax wielding zombie like creatures. win and win!

 visitant  The Visitant, My Score:6

Bah. This one was at the top of my list of what I was looking forward to. Ghost stories/haunted houses are my favorites! It just falls flat. I don’t believe the characters or their surroundings. I’m sure it is cheap to have an actress spend most of the movie as a voice on the phone, but dang. If I never see another iPhone conversation on film, I’ll be completely ok with that. Not scary, just frustrating.

 BigBadWolves  Big Bag Wolves, Score: 9
What dark, diasterous, evil fun! I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from an Isreali movie that quotes Quentin Tarantino as saying “Best Movie of the Year”. It is uncomfortable at times, but totally pays off. The characters are dynamic and believable and the dialog is amusing all the way through.
 humanrace  The Human Race, My Score: 6
I find myself indifferent about this one. I like the idea of it, I didn’t get bored, and it looks good. Despite all of those positive things, I still just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe there’s too much blood. Or too much of the evil side of humans. Or the simple fact that it reaches the edge of plausible.

Tomorrow we get to catch a bunch of the shorts which I LOVE. I’ve been careful not to even look at the short titles. I enjoy the surprise of knowing nothing about what I’m getting ready to see. I might be a bit giddy….


  1. Oooo Scarey movies!! I hope you don’t get nightmares. Lunch looks yummy!! Enjoy watching movies!!

    • Thanks Rachael! We’re having a blast this weekend. I eat this stuff up. Eight movies in and I’m not falling apart yet. Good sign!


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