The Sunday Geekery is brought to you by the letter ‘B’ (and youtube)

The Sunday Geekery is brought to you by the letter ‘B’ (and youtube)

For years I have threatened to watch as many movies as I could from AFI’s top 100. Since the release of our favorite local film critic’s alphabet of all times greats I’ve decided to make it happen! For each letter, I will watch Mark Burger’s pick, an AFI pick, and my own pick.

Mark Burger’s B: Bridge on River Kwai

Bridge on River Kwai
Oh dear, I just couldn’t. I tried. The movie started and I was out within seconds. I just don’t dig movies that deal directly with war. It doesn’t matter if they are dramatic or violent, or somewhere in between. I didn’t just totally abandon it, I did read the wikipedia article! I can see why this movie is such a big deal and considered a true pioneer, but I’m taking a mulligan. Maybe I’ll give it another go down the road. For now, I watched my second choice for ‘B’, The Birdcage. ( I know, GASP!)

AFI’s B: Best Years of Our Life

BestYearsTurns out, I don’t like war movies, but I do dig war aftermath movies. This film was indeed quite good. It follows three soldiers returning home from WWII. There’s a lot of parallels between these soldier’s stories and stories of our soldiers coming home today. The movie does an outstanding job of showing the isolation, shell shock, and even deals with PTSD before there was a name for it. I expect this movie was quite a shocker in its time.

If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch. Fair warning – it is a long one. Clocks in at just under 3 hours! I give this one an A-.

Suedre’s Pick: Bring It On

BringitonMeet my guilty pleasure! Yes, I realize I’m grown and shouldn’t add this as one of my top picks. But hey, I promised I’d tell like it is, and this is what it is. Every time this movie is on I stop to watch it. I’m endlessly amused by the buy in these girls have in their world of cheer. The only thing that would make it better? If they gave a nod to Wildcats with a little U-G-L-Y cheer.

There’s also something a little refreshing about a teen movie without cell phones! Guess it reminds me of “my day” when we had to make do without being connected 24/7.

Cheertastic? Yes!

Suedre’s Web Finds!

I realize I haven’t posted any web finds in a while! Here’s a few bonus links to some pretty awesome stuff.

Anyone that has been for a ride with me knows I struggle with reverse. This lady really makes me feel like I’m not alone in the world. Poor woman really gets herself in a pickle around 2:20.

Speaking of parking lots, here’s a cute little short from birdboxstudio. These folks are quite amusing, be sure to check out some of the other videos too!


Like Paper art or just art in general? You need to get over to Brittany Lee’s blog. It is post after post of sheer awesome. Seriously, these muppets?Fantastic!Muppet_01You haven’t clicked that link yet? No really, click it now. Look! Look at these wedding invitations! Swoon. Almost makes me want to get married!

Your turn! What’s your favorite B movie? What have you seen on the web lately that I can’t miss?


  1. Still thinking. I’m sure I have watched a B movie or two, but can’t think of a single one right now…

  2. That paper art is amazing! Thanks for sharing more fun geekery 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen any of those movies. I must have my head under a pile of fabric. It’s fun to hear your thoughts about them. I did recently finish watching Breaking Bad, that’s 2 B’s..

  4. The most recent “B” movie I have to offer is “Brave”, a kids movie which I love for so many reasons. I rented it for my grandkids who spent this weekend with us. Everything about it was great, from the animation to storyline to the voices of actors playing the roles. It made us laugh and it made us cry, but mostly laugh! I’m a big fan of most kid oriented movies when they have a lesson to be shared along side of the entertainment aspect.

  5. I really enjoy Bring it on as well. Bridge on the river kwai is actually a good movie though dry. My B movies that I love are Beaches for a good cry, Before Sunrise for a good romance, Breakfast Club for the best 80′ flick, Braveheart/Blindside for a drama, Bourne Identity for Action, Buffy the Vampire Slayer for comedy/fantasy.

  6. I admit I have nearly put Bring It On on my queue once or twice, but knew the hubby would tease me or the 6yo girl would want to see it…. One day when they’re out of the house and I’m in need of tv and ice cream break time, it’ll happen.

  7. Even you back better than the driver in the video. You know The Birdcage is one of my favorites. Agador Spartacus

  8. I can’t watch war movies, either, and that’s all Pete watched all summer. I tried to watch Zero Dark Thirty and only made it through the first 5 minutes.

  9. I really hope you are nowhere close to being as bad of a reverse driver as the person in that video lol. Also that other car in the parking lot kept going forward and back at first too lol – Thanks for sharing, my husband will get a kick out of that video.


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