Dizzy Dresdens: A FINISH!

Dizzy Dresdens: A FINISH!

Woot! I’m doing the happy dance. Dizzy Dresdens is finished!


OK, so I still have some threads to tuck on the back and I need to add a label. I guess part of me would be sad if it were REALLY done, lol.

I went with bullseyes in the white. I told you – You’d never see it coming! The downside, there are several circles that don’t connect to other circles and I had to cut and restart a lot of times (thus the threads to tuck). The upside, check out the effect. Totally rad right?!


I’m still just as in love with the border as when I started this project. I love the simplicity of it. It is a wide striped fabric binding and that is it. While I love big double borders too, this quilt just screams simple!


So, What’s Next?

I do hope you’ll keep coming to see me! I have lots of great things coming this year…

  • A new feature that I think is going to be unique and interesting coming in about two weeks
  • Lots of small projects and a few science experiment like posts with stabilizers and other techniques
  • Some updates on the ginormous Bowser Postage Stamp Quilt
  • Free quick sew quilt pattern
  • New Quilt starting in September- This one is going to be really special. I’m so excited!
  • A follow along polymer project
  • Some great blast from the past projects in all sorts of mediums
  • Lots of Geekery and other internet goodness
  • I’m working hard behind the scenes on my new wordpress environment. I hope you’ll see that this year too!

Super big thanks to Victoria Findlay Wolfe and American Patchwork and Quilting magazine for the Seeing Stripes pattern that evolved into Dizzy Dresdens.

As always – If you’d like to see more about this project, check out the handy dandy index!


  1. next! That’s one great finish! Love the circles quilted in.
    LeeAnna Paylor

    • Thank you muches!!

      This is probably one of my “worst” technical quilts because I was so green with my quilting. It’s also one of my favorite quilts too. The colors make up for the wonky. 🙂

    • Nice to meet you and THANK you! 🙂

  2. Oh Susan, it’s BEAUTIFUL! And I love, love, love the circles in the white. It just pulls the entire quilt together.

  3. The quilting looks amazing…the extra time for the starts and stops paid off!

  4. The colors of your desdens are amazing, so nice, it feels like summer.

  5. I’ve been thinking about dresden and the fact that they slightly frighten me for years. You have done such a great job and the quilting really brings it all together.

    • I do hope you’ll give it a whirl and if you think about, drop by with a link. I would love to see!


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