Bowser Quilt: We’re half way home!

Bowser Quilt: We’re half way home!

Boy oh boy and I excited to announce I’m half way home on the Bowser Quilt! The best part is half way is really better than it seems. The number of 1″ squares required for each row is going to keep shrinking as I move my way right up to the top. I tell you, the more I work on Bowser, the more I love him. I don’t even care that the corners don’t match and I didn’t set in seams on the edges of the pixels. I simply can not wait to put him on my bed and cuddle up with him.
BowserQuilt2 (3)Since we’re talking 1 1/2″ squares, I’d like to tell you about how I cut them. When you have 4,000+, you’ve really got to be about efficiency with the least amount of accuracy problems as possible. I’ve been using my June Tailor Short Cuts 1/2 slotted ruler and it is perfect for the job!

BowserQuilt2 (1)

I usually cut two thicknesses of 12″ square fabric at once with both pieces right side up. I found that more than two thicknesses slid around an bit and left me with less than stellar accuracy for all the layers of fabric. This ruler is so simple to use, turn it vertical, cut in the slot every 1.5 inches. Turn it horizontal, repeat the cuts and violia! 128 1/2″ square cuts of fabric all facing the right direction in just a few mintues. It’s like magic right?

BowserQuilt2 (4)

I’ve owned this ruler since the late 90’s though I’ve just started using it heavily in the last few years. It has picked up a few nicks and shows a little wear, but nothing I wouldn’t expect from the volume of use over the last year or two – literally y’all, thousands of cuts. I’ve been thinking about picking up the quarter inch version of this ruler. Does anyone happen to have it? If so, thoughts?

BowserQuilt2 (2)

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(Linked up with My Fabric Relish. This is, in fact, my first, though not complete quilt!)


  1. That’s an amazing quilt! Can’t wait to see it done!

  2. Such a fun quilt! And that ruler is awesome! Hope you finish soon so you can start cuddling with it! Thanks for linking up and playing along!



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