Dizzy Dresdens: Get the point!

Dizzy Dresdens: Get the point!

Last week when we left Dizzy Dresdens, this purple dresden had been completed:

DizzyDresdens2 (4)

I’ve been moving right along and completed the orange, blue, and yellow dresdens as well.


Frustration 1:
I found getting the points just so to be really difficult! In the beginning they were all over the map. Some done perfectly and some with bulky seam folds and weird rounding. By the last one, I was completely frustrated and wondered how in the world people were ever able to be successful with these buggers. Completely on accident, I realized what was causing so much trouble and every point after that was much closer to my expectations.


Yep, that’s the thing that made all the difference in the world. Here’s two samples ironed from opposite end. In the interest of honesty, the bad one isn’t THAT bad. I just couldn’t stand to keep trying to do bad!


Frustration 2:
When sewing them together, I had trouble get them started. I was sewing from the point back of the piece. To get all of the seams near the point in, I had to put it very near the edge of the needle starting point. Of course, that caused two expected problems – 1. I couldn’t get the locking stitches right and the pieces would pull apart easily. 2. The pieces would get pressed down in the needle plate ending in one big messy knot of fabric, needle, and thread. Turns out – the answer was quite similar to the iron problem.



So now you know – the dresdens are far from perfect. By the time I figured myself out, I was sewing the last one! No worries from me though – I still love them even with their little imperfections. Have you run into little nuisances like this before? Learned any great tips out of frustration?

Here’s a great tip from commenter Cynthia Brunz Designs at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework: 
Here is a tip on getting those points out. Take a needle with a thread (no knot) and take a tiny stitch right at the end of that dresden with the needle. Don’t pull the thread all the way through – but grab both ends and tug. It should pull that point right out. You can even press while you tug. Then just pull the thread out! I do this on pillow corners, etc and it works great.

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  1. Wow, Sudre, you’re doing awesome! I can’t believe how far along you’ve gotten already, way to go!

  2. Great post, love it, I have done 784 wedges for a quilt, wish I had paid this much attention to my own work!

  3. Great post, Susan! Thanks for sharing your insights into the right and wrong way to go about making the Dresdens. I was cracking up when I read the first comment and reply between you and Kelly! I am a sucker for dry, quirky humour…


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