I’ve created a QUILTING MONSTER!

I’ve created a QUILTING MONSTER!

I’ve been distracted from my own projects because my nine year old daughter has been bitten by the sewing bug!


We’re doing a modified pattern I picked up from a quilting bee I went to earlier in the year. Now, this is, without a doubt the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever seen with perfect fabric choices!  It is also quite beautiful in adult colors. It comes together fairly quickly and only requires a rotary cutter and straight stitch. Worry you not, I will be sharing the how to with my version of the printable instructions when I get a chance to make it myself, hopefully, sometime in July.

Anywho – I didn’t send her through my scrap pile (though you could do that and end up with a lovely quilt). I wanted to see if she would like the process of choosing fabrics. Whu-OH- she did! Maybe a little more than I expected! Here’s what she picked.


When I asked her how she picked the different patterns she said “I just picked the ones that spoke to me”. They speak alright! We have everything from cupcakes to glittery fabric in this pile. We’ve made it through all the cuts and have full on blocks ready to layout for piecing together the top.


One thing I will say about the craziness of her fabrics is they ended up creating some pretty cool squares. There a few that have doggie/cat kisses, whole hearts, ladybugs, or playful pandas. One or two squares have been dubbed the “dog butt” squares. We snicker whenever we find one. She seems to be really be having fun picking out the “good ones” and quite frankly so am I!


I’m really impressed with her, as always. She’s not tired of the project and has quite literally sewn every stitch. She’s had no problem making me her “assistant” and I think she might be a little mad I wont let her use the rotary cutter. I guess I’ll be buying safety gloves soon!

Em and I would like to know – when did you get started crafting?

Dont forget – you can still enter my Sew, Mama, Sew give-a-way until May 10 @ 8pm. I’m so thrilled with the folks that have stopped and left such wonderful comments. I decided not to clutter it up with replies, but it is killing me not to reply to each and every one! Thanks a million – I’m one happy blogger to have such awesome readers!

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  1. Good for your daughter! This is looking great 🙂

  2. Love it! This means you are gonna need more fabric though, she is gonna need her own stash:) I always loved all things crafty. My Grandmother always had lots of fun stuff to make and she was a quilter. Can’t wait to see it done.

    • Mom says – Hey! Now you’re creating a stash monster! 😀



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