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I made the back of a Futurama quilt! Stop by to see all of its panels with downloads and color palettes to make one of your own!

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Free! R2D2 Star Wars Pixel Quilt Pattern

A friend and I started a R2D2 pixel quilt. Because I love you all, I’m sharing our layout and some tips so you can make one too!

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Free Code Monkey Cross Stitch Pattern

I love this code monkey and his custom banana pin! Click through to see all the details for making one for yourself.

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ArtSpark at SparkCon 2014

We had a ball at ArtSpark street painting this year! We did three squares total and one of them won an award! Click the “show me more” button to see all of the squares and some bonus event pictures!

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Dizzy Dresdens

Fiber Art

Quilts, Bags, Home Decoration, Costumes, and MORE! See all of Susan’s fiber projects. Many of them include links to the patterns, tips, instructions, and tutorials.


All Other Mediums

Want to see what else Susan can do? Visit this portfolio to see all sorts of other mediums. You’ll find Photography projects, Pencil Drawings, Sculptures and other odds and ends.

Patterns, How-Tos, and Reviews

Tutorials! Reviews! Patterns! Inspiration! It’s all here. Susan loves showing you her favorite tricks to empower you to try new things. Come on by and see the library of complete project instructions.

Learn All About Susan

Want to know more about Susan? Find out about her favorite things, professional experiences, awards and other acknowledgements, as well as the origin of the

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Stabilizers 101, the series: RinsAway

I’ve been learning lots about stabilizers with my new embroidery machine. A little bit ago, I told you about the inspiration for this series of posts as well as everything I’d learned about Sulky Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizers (WSS). RinsAway (not a spelling error!)...

Stabilizers 101, the series: The Solvy’s (Water Soluble Stabilizer)

Since I’ve purchased my new embroidery machine, I’ve learned lots about stabilizers. If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of KISS (keep It Simple Stupid). When I started researching which stabilizers to buy for which projects I...

Breaking all of the Rules: Suedre’s Around the World Post

I know you’ve all see the Around the World Blog “chain letter” posts floating around. I’m so grateful that five of you have thought of me when nominating bloggers to carry the torch and continue the game. When they first started showing up, I...


I love to geek out. Video Games, Local Lego Events, Film Festivals, Nerd Cons, Game Shows, and, well, just about anything! You never know what may show up in The Sunday Geekery, but you can be sure I love it. Swing by to see what has my attention this week.


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