Free! Pixel Piecing Tutorial

Want my Ultimate Guide to Pixel Piecing? Goods news – it is live and it is FREE! Visit my post for all the deets and start piecing pixels with perfect points today!

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Free! Code Monkey Cross Stitch Pattern

I love this code monkey and his custom banana pin! Click through to see all the details for making one for yourself.

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Free! R2D2 Star Wars Pixel Quilt Pattern

A friend and I started a R2D2 pixel quilt. Because I love you all, I’m sharing our layout and some tips so you can make one too!

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Quilts, Bags, Home Decoration, Costumes, and MORE! See all of Susan’s fiber projects. Many of them include links to the patterns, tips, instructions, and tutorials.


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Want to see what else Susan can do? Visit this portfolio to see all sorts of other mediums. You’ll find Photography projects, Pencil Drawings, Sculptures and other odds and ends.

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Tutorials! Reviews! Patterns! Inspiration! It’s all here. Susan loves showing you her favorite tricks to empower you to try new things. Come on by and see the library of complete project instructions.

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Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 19

Hedwig! My version of Hedwig is strongly strongly influenced by this image of her from the HP movie promotional materials. (d’awww look at wittle baby Radcliffe) I tinkered with the sizing a bit by cropping the image as close as possible to Hedwig’s outside...

Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt: Block 17

This block is pretty straight forward. I had a little more practice with the multi-hoop digitizing with Men Who Love Dragons Too Much. I learned that you really have to make concessions for solid fills like in Ireland’s flag on Dragon Species of Great Britain...


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